ATV / Offroad

A four-wheeler is one of the best ways to explore the far reaches of the high mountain deserts and forests around here. Fill your memory banks with a wealth of mind-boggling images. It would take many years to follow all of the trails near Dubois, and then you’d want to start over.


Roam across the wide high plains of Union Pass, but please stay on designated routes only.

Explore the badlands beyond the town landfill and onto Table Mountain.

Follow old logging roads in the Sheridan Creek area.

There’s plenty more. (Please stay only on vehicle-authorized roads. Remember, you share the trails with hikers and horses. Don’t scare them! Pull over and move slowly and predictably as they pass.)

For rules and other information visit the Wyoming State Trails Program or consult the Shoshone National Forest Ranger Station at 1403 W. Ramshorn St. at the western edge of town (307-455-2466).

Find information on vehicle rentals and repairs here.