Town Park & Scenic Overlook

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You can enjoy the great outdoors without even leaving town. For those with less physical ability, energy, or time, visits to the town park and the Scenic Overlook just across the highway are an easy way to capture many of the natural joys of Dubois. You can’t camp in the town park, but you can have a picnic there, use the skate park, the playground, the tennis courts and—best of all—the Riverwalk. Extending on both sides of the river, the paved and handicapped-accessible walkway is lined by willow, juniper, and sagebrush. There’s also a small beach on the far side of the boardwalk footbridge. Across the highway and slightly to the west, look for the large Scenic Overlook sign and the gravel roadway leading up to the high ridge at the north. You can drive to the top or, if you’re ambitious, the hike to the top is a great workout. Trails suitable for hiking and mountain biking criss-cross the two-level ͞bench͟ at the plateau halfway up. At the summit, the view of the surrounding mountains is spectacular. It may be the only place on earth to see all 3 mountain-building processes (volcanic, tectonic, and glacial) from one location. Look for the informational signs beside the circular roadway at the top.
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example, category, and, terms
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