TAD Grant Guidelines

Dubois Tourism Asset Development (TAD)

Grant Request Guidelines


The purpose of the Tourism Asset Development (TAD) grant program is to assist in funding to organizations that sponsor and promote tourism activities within Dubois and bring substantial numbers of visitors from outside Fremont County to the Dubois Area. Funds are provided through lodging tax dollars in the area. The committee will give special weight to applications that encourage visitors to utilize lodgings and commercial campgrounds in the area.

Funds may be used only to advertise an event, attraction or exhibition. This may include promotional signage, posters, fliers and other forms of advertising. All printed forms of advertising must include the logo of the Wind River Visitors Council, which is available from Destination Dubois upon request.

Note: Funds must be utilized to advertise attractions or performances that are open to the public and are of educational, cultural, historical, artistic or recreational significance in Dubois. They may not be used for the purchase of alcohol or for lobbying. Special consideration will be given to applications that encourage visitors to spend at least one full night in the Dubois area. Advertising expenses must focus on reaching potential audiences outside Fremont County.

The funds may be used for reimbursement purposes only, unless other arrangements are made in advance. The organization will be reimbursed for previously approved items only. Application for reimbursement must be turned in to Destination Dubois no more than 60 days after the completion of the approved event. The organization will not receive funds for reimbursement above and beyond anticipated expenses.

If the organization spends less than the anticipated expenses, they will not receive the difference of the approved line item and the actual expense; it will stay in the Dubois TAD general fund.

Grant funds are limited, and applications will be considered in the order in which they are received and will be accepted only for events or activities that take place in the future.

Applications may be submitted digitally via email to Destination Dubois (destinationdubois@gmail.com), or hard copies may be delivered to the Dubois Visitors Center during periods of operation or to Dubois Town Hall during business hours. Grant applications will be considered at the next meeting of Destination Dubois, which normally take place bi-monthly. Destination Dubois recommendations regarding grant approvals or rejections must be approved by the Town of Dubois before awards are granted. All decisions of the Town Council are final.

Applicants will be notified by email whether their application was accepted, modified, or denied. A response by regular mail is available upon request. The TAD grant request form needs to be completed to apply for any TAD grant funds. Applications are available online at: https://www.duboiswyoming.org/business/destinationdubois https://www.duboiswyoming.org/business/destinationdubois, or at the Visitors Center during times of operation. They may be submitted at the Visitor Center, by mail (Destination Dubois, PO BOX 45, Dubois, WY 82513), by email to destinationdubois@gmail.com, or to the Dubois Town Hall.